Series: A Place of Your Own

October 3-7, 2011

During the first week of October, IPR staff is working with other media companies in our area to build Habitat for Humanity’s 100th house in Muncie.  The news team is also spending the week thinking about the issues of housing in our communities.  We’ll look at the state of homes, problems, and ideas for change.

Monday, October 3
Today, IPR’s Marcus Jackman examines the relationship between poor housing and other difficulties.

Jackman — Housing Problems

Tuesday, October 4
Today, we look at buying a home in Muncie – a city consistently ranked as one of the most affordable college towns by a national home price index.  IPR’s Stephanie Wiechmann set out to find how much it costs and what’s important when buying.

Wiechmann — Buying a Home

Wednesday, October 5
Today, IPR’s Stephanie Wiechmann speaks with Michael Burayidi, the chair of Ball State’s Urban Planning program.  He is working with Muncie Action Plan organizers on an idea to revitalize the city’s neighborhoods.

Wiechmann — Academic Solutions

Thursday, October 6
Today, we look at the process of fixing up the hundreds of vacant and abandoned homes in Muncie.  IPR’s Stephanie Wiechmann explores if rehabbing these homes is an option.

Wiechmann — Rehabbing Homes

Friday, October 7
Today, for the completion of our series, we take you to a cookie-cutter neighborhood just beyond the downtown train tracks in Muncie.  It has bright-colored homes, clean landscapes, and parks… but it can’t hide its past.  IPR’s Sarah Brannan takes us through Millennium Place, a HUD Hope Six project.

Brannan — Millennium Place