Indiana attorney general defends state immigration law

Indiana’s attorney general says he won’t appeal a temporary injunction blocking portions of the state’s new immigration law.  Instead, Greg Zoeller says he will fight against a ruling that would make the ban permanent.  In late June, Judge Sarah Evans Barker issued a preliminary injunction for portions of the law in a lawsuit from the American Civil Liberties Union.  The federal court lawsuit, also by the ACLU, seeks a permanent ban.  In a prepared statement sent to the media, Zoeller says the law is Indiana’s response to federal inaction on immigration reform.

Zoeller on Immigration Lawsuit

The temporary injunction blocks the state from arresting people who have been issued a notice of action by federal immigration authorities, because Barker says some may not have broken any laws.  The injunction also blocks Indiana from prohibiting the use of identification cards given out by foreign consulates.  The federal court has not yet set a hearing date for the permanent injunction.  Some parts of the immigration law weren’t challenged in court and took effect July 1st.


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