Indiana second chance law begins today

Under a new law that takes effect today, Hoosiers who have committed certain non-violent and non-sexual crimes years ago can ask to have those records sealed.  A person who has committed a D felony or misdemeanor can petition the courts to seal the record of that offense from anyone but law enforcement.  They must have served jail time or probation for the offense and completed it at least eight years ago to be eligible under the law.  Then, as long as the person has not been convicted of a felony since, they can legally tell a potential employer they haven’t been convicted of a crime.  Indianapolis resident Quinn Minor petitioned the Marion County Superior Court this morning to have his record sealed.  He says he’s been turned down for jobs before solely because of his criminal record… and this law gives him a chance to provide for his family.

Minor on Second Chance Law

Law co-sponsor Republican Representative Eric Turner says the law could potentially affect thousands of families.  Offenders who have committed an A, B, or C felony can also petition to have their records sealed.  But, they must wait fifteen years to do so.

— Indiana Public Broadcasting


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