Indiana’s unemployment rate drops in April

Indiana’s unemployment rate fell to 8.2 percent last month, making it the thirteenth consecutive month that the state’s rate has dropped.  The rate of 8.2 percent is a drop of point three percent from March.  Valerie Kroeger with the Department of Workforce Development says Indiana’s figures compare favorably to regional and national numbers.

Kroeger on Unemployment Rate

D-W-D officials say new jobs appeared mostly in private education, health, and leisure and hospitality.   But while unemployment rates are down, so is the number of jobs.  The report released today showed a total loss of 2,500 jobs in April.  Fayette County still leads the state in the highest county-by-county unemployment rate … at 11.7 percent.

April unemployment rates county-by-county can be found here. (PDF)

Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith and the Associated Press contributed to this report.


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