Indiana report says broadband internet availability can affect jobless rate

A report from the Indiana Business Research Center shows that some Hoosiers in rural areas are still without access to broadband internet.  Since 1999, the Federal Communications Commission has been monitoring broadband availability and usage in America.  Research analyst Rachel Justis says Indiana has made good progress in the last decade.

Rachel Justis on Availability

Justis’s research shows an important correlation between high-speed internet access and the jobless rate.  She says that for every one percent increase in broadband usage, an area’s unemployment rate shrinks two-to-three tenths of one percent.  Currently in Indiana, 12 counties in metro areas and college towns have household broadband usage that exceeds 60 percent.  In southwestern Indiana however, less than 20 percent of residents have broadband internet in their homes.

WFIU in Bloomington, IN contributed to this report.


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