Indiana legislators discuss redistricting on Indiana Lawmakers

Like other states, Indiana has the task of redrawing Congressional district lines this year.  Based on the 2010 census, Indiana will keep all nine of its US House seats.   On the WFYI program Indiana Lawmakers, Democratic Senator Tim Lanane of Anderson says Indiana state law doesn’t give lawmakers much guidance in redrawing maps.

Lanane on Redistricting

Republican Senator Brandt Hershman of Lafayette says his district is a good example of how the issue of diverse communities plays a part.

Hershman on Redistricting

Politicians say they want fair districts but may disagree on how to draw them up. Michael Pitts with the IU School of Law in Indianapolis says gerrymandering – redrawing districts to give certain politicians an advantage in elections  – happens in every state when district lines are redrawn.  

Indiana Lawmakers airs Sunday at 1pm on WIPB-TV.


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