Anderson school board votes to close Wigwam

The school board in Anderson has voted to close the city’s Wigwam gymnasium.  In a 6-1 decision last night, board members said that since they agreed to keep the 9,000 seat arena open last year, the community has done nothing to save the Wigwam.  They challenged the community to find a way to keep the facility open.  The Herald Bulletin reports that 200 people attended the three hour meeting.  By the end, when the board voted to close the Wigwam, only about 100 remained.  Anderson Community Schools Superintendant Felix Chow says closing the arena would save $550,000 immediately and the cost of major maintenance in the future.  According to school officials, the Wigwam will not be closed until programs held there are relocated this summer.  They say they hope to close the facility in August.  The Herald Bulletin says community members are already organizing a meeting to discuss ways of marketing the Wigwam.


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