State Education Department calls Muncie Central “unacceptable” in state report

Muncie Central High School has received harsh criticism from the Indiana Department of Education in a state review about its overall performance.  A two-day quality review by state education officials deems the school’s performance as quote “unacceptable.”  The report summarizes that the building, quote “is managed, not led.”  In response to the report, Assistant Superintendent Tim Heller says Muncie Central High School Principal Chris Smith had been reassigned.  Smith had no comment on the state review.  The school has received criticism from the community and law enforcement officials for allegedly mishandling a student’s reported rape.  In November, a sixteen year old girl reported being raped to school officials.  Police have said the alleged victim sat in the principal’s office for more than two hours while the alleged attacker was allowed to leave the school.

The Associated Press and the Star Press contributed to this report.


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