State Police Report Several Accidents in New Snowfall

Saturday’s heavier-than-predicted snowfall has contributed to several auto accidents in the IPR listening area. Indiana State Police (ISP) at the Pendleton Post say up to 6 inches of snow has fallen in the northern reaches of their district, in Madison and Delaware counties. Off-duty troopers were called in to help process 14 property damage accidents and 25 slide offs, mostly on I-69 in Delaware and Madison counties, and I-70 in Henry and Wayne counties, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. today (Sat.).

The newly drawn ISP Pendleton District includes Delaware, Fayette, Henry, Madison, Randolph, Rush, Union and Wayne counties.

ISP Sgt. Rod Russell says the primary cause of the majority of the slide-offs, and crashes were “speed too fast for the road conditions, following too closely and distracted driving. Snow and ice covered roads do not cause crashes, and slide-offs: careless driving does.”

The Winter Weather Advisory for central Indiana has ended as snowfall has ceased. Another Winter Weather Advisory for areas north of Muncie continues until 8 p.m. Saturday. Hazardous driving conditions, aided by cold temperatures and today’s (Sat.) snowfall, are expected to continue through the next snowfall, forecast for early next week.

(IPR / shs / ISP)

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