Ice Storm Preparation Tips

This week’s incoming winter storm, with the threat of an inch of ice accumulation, brings memories of the 2005 ice storm in Muncie and Delaware county to mind. Many locations six years ago were without electricity for up to a week. That experience, common sense advice from authorities, and wise tips from listeners have been gathered, here, for your consideration as we prepare for winter weather this week:

* Have food that does not require power to prepare.
* Finish any laundry today (Tues.) that you need over the next few days.
* Have water supplies if you are on a well that requires electricity.
* Have prescription medications in good supply.
* Have a stocked up first-aid kit.
* Have ample batteries for lights and radio.
* Check smoke alarm batteries.
* Have cell phones charged.
* Have your car filled up: gasoline and washer fluid.
* Have cans of de-icer spray to help thaw ice from car windows and locks. Such de-icer is available at most auto and hardware stores.
* If you have a generator, give it a test and get it ready. Operate it outdoors or in a well-ventilated enclosure, outdoors. Follow electrical safety rules to the smallest detail.
* Operate portable combustion heaters only in well-ventilated areas.
* Don’t force travel. Stay home when authorities request.
* Don’t drive over downed power lines – they might be energized.
* Keep a good-sized bag of plain, clay, cat litter in your car. Clay cat litter is great for getting traction on ice should you find yourself stuck.

During the Storm (advice from health-care professionals)

* Check on older-adult friends.
* If you are an older adult, let a neighborhood teenager do the shoveling.
* Dress in layers … cover head, feet, and hands, too – especially children.
* Sip some hot decaf tea or hot water with lemon – always soothing. Make a thermos or two, today (Tues.)
* Avoid alcohol.
* Make sure outdoor pets have shelter and fresh water.

SUPER TIME-SAVER: Call ahead to stores to see if they have such supplies as batteries, lanterns and de-icer (both the spray kind for car windows, and the solid kind for steps and sidewalks.) Merchants tell IPR News these supplies and other winter goods have flown off the shelves. One major, northside, merchant told us he put his last two cases of car de-icer on a sale table this (Tues.) morning, only to sell out about an hour later.

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