Ball State and UCLA Most Victorious in Men’s Volleyball History

Fans may not realize it, but Ball State and UCLA are the two most victorious men’s volleyball programs in the history of NCAA Divisions I and II. Both UCLA and Ball State are Division I universities. Teams from NCAA divisions I and II frequently face off in men’s volleyball because of the smaller number of teams, nationally, when compared to basketball or football.

According to Ball State Athletics Communications, Ball State and UCLA are the only two programs in NCAA Division I-II men’s volleyball with over 1,000 all-time wins.

BSU’s 47-year record currently stands at 1,036-411-8. Most of those matches were coached by Ball State’s Don Shondell, the founding father of Ball State volleyball, and a co-founder of the Midwest Intercollegiate Volleyball Association (MIVA). MIVA is the midwestern league in which Ball State plays. Ball State’s conference, the Mid-American Conference, does not sponsor conference competition in men’s volleyball, but does so with women’s volleyball.  Joel Walton, one of Shondell’s former players, is Ball State’s coach, today.  Don Shondell retired from Ball State in 1998.

UCLA’s all-time record is 1205-268 in 48 years. Al Scates, a UCLA graduate himself, has been head coach for the Bruins since the start of the program.

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