Smoking Ban Debate Continues

A bill to ban smoking in public places in Indiana likely will include a major exemption.  Members of the House Public Health Committee will vote next week to amend the measure so it allows smoking in casinos.

The decision to make the change came after listening to supporters and opponents of the ban testify yesterday (Wed).

Korina Walter is a former casino employee who tried to persuade lawmakers to clear the air for gamblers and those who serve them.

Walter says her health-care costs were “ridiculous even with insurance.” She says her lung capacity is that of a smoker who smokes three packs a day. Walter says she has never smoked a cigarette.

The projected loss of revenue from patrons who go to neighboring states to smoke and gamble was too great for lawmakers to ignore.

The fiscal impact of the bill shows Indiana could lose as about 190-million dollars each of the next two years.

(By Michael Loizzo, IPBS)

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