Charlie White sworn-in with other state officials at Statehouse

New statewide elected officials were sworn into office today at the Statehouse.  Republicans State Auditor Tim Berry and State Treasurer Richard Mourdock were re-elected in November to serve another term.  Indiana also swore-in a new Republican Secretary of State — Charlie White.  The new top elections official is currently under investigation as to whether he committed voter fraud in the May primary.  White used the address at his former Fishers home to vote in that election.  He says he was very busy and it was a simple mistake.  Indiana Democrats say it is felony voter fraud.  Specially-appointed prosecutors are investigating.  White was asked today if he would voluntarily step down if he is charged.

Charlie White on Secretary of State

In Indiana, elected officials can continue to serve in office if charged with a felony.  If convicted, state law says they must be removed.  If White steps down or is removed from office, Governor Mitch Daniels would name a replacement.  He says he’s given the situation some thought, but would not elaborate on hypothetical questions.

Indiana Public Broadcasting contributed to this report.


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