November 2010 Unemployment Report

Indiana’s unemployment rate dropped by 0.1 percent last month to 9.8 percent for November.  That’s the same rate as nationwide unemployment.  Indiana’s Department of Workforce Development says private sector employment lost 2,600 jobs.   Most IPR counties hold an unemployment rate of between nine and eleven percent.  Hamilton County holds the lowest rate at 6.7 percent.  Fayette County again holds the highest IPR-area unemployment – and second-highest in the state – at 13.0 percent.  Indiana’s unemployment rate is the same or better than all neighboring states, with the exception of Illinois – whose rate sits at 9.6 percent.  D-W-D Commissioner Mark Everson says while Indiana’s unemployment rate has decreased by four-tenths of a percent since the summer… the nationwide rate has been going up during the same time.

DWD Map of Unemployment Rates in Indiana Counties (PDF)


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