Anderson schools chief calls for union cooperation to avoid state takeover of district

The superintendent of Anderson Community Schools says the teachers’ union must work together with school administrators to avoid a state takeover of the district.  In a memo to staff last Friday, Dr. Felix Chow says at the current agreement with the Anderson Federation of Teachers, district administrators forecast “a financial meltdown by December 2012.”  He continues by saying, “Without AFT’s collaboration, a state takeover would be the only solution.”

Chow warns that a state takeover – also known as receivership – would mean that the district’s educational mission would have to take a back-seat to the state’s financial priorities for ACS.  Chow also says the state would have the power to fire the school board, administration, and any union or non-union employee.  Officials with the teacher’s union could not be reached for comment.

In October public forums, business manager Kevin Brown forecasted a 2012 budget deficit of more than $13 million without the passage of a property tax referendum to benefit the district’s budget.  November election’s voters voted against that referendum.


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