Ball State University Annual Crime Report

Ball State University’s annual campus safety report shows that police spent less time dealing with alcohol violations on-campus… but more time dealing with the same issue in the community.  The federally-mandated report shows the number of incidents on-campus and off for the last three calendar years.  Comparing 2009 numbers with 2008, alcohol arrests on-campus decreased, but picked up significantly in areas deemed “public property.”  Still, the report says fewer students were referred to administration for disciplinary actions in 2009.

In reported criminal offenses, burglaries decreased on-campus in 2009… but robberies increased.  The difference between the crimes is important to note – a burglary is defined by federal authorities as when something is stolen from a home, building, or vehicle.  A robbery means that something is stolen from a person in a direct confrontation. 

The full report can be found here.


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