Indianapolis International Airport sets cost of enplanement fees for five years

The governing board of the Indianapolis International Airport has signed a new agreement fixing how much airlines will pay to use the airport for the next five years.  Air industry officials call these “costs per enplanement.”  Indianapolis Airport officials say these costs are forecasted to increase nationwide.  But according to the agreement that takes effect in January, costs will go down steadily for the next five years for airlines using the Indianapolis airport.  Officials say this will make the airport attractive to the airlines – and they hope for expanded air service, especially to the West Coast. 

 Currently, airlines pay more than $10.50 per passenger they fly to, from, or through Indianapolis.  According to the agreement — by the year 2015 — that cost will decrease to $8.86 per passenger.  Prices won’t just drop for passenger airlines.  The agreement also includes lowered rates for mail carriers like FedEx.  There’s no word from airlines if lowered costs of enplanement will translate into lower ticket prices for passengers.  But airport officials hope it means an increase in the number of flights and destinations choices.


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