Report says Indiana is fifth highest for gun trafficking

A new national report shows that many criminals intending to commit gun crimes are buying those guns in Indiana.  A national group of mayors has used national data to track gun trafficking – those guns bought in one state and used to commit a crime in another state.  The study shows that Indiana ranked as the 5th highest state for crime gun exportation in 2009.  The group Mayors Against Illegal Guns used data from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to show that in 2009, more than two thousand Indiana guns were used in crimes in other states.  In total, more than forty-three thousand guns were recovered in crimes outside of the state of purchase.  Group co-chair and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the report found that top states for gun trafficking are states with the weakest gun laws.

View the full report — Trace The Guns: The Link Between Gun Laws and Interstate Gun Trafficking (PDF).


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