Indiana Department of Education announces College Go! Week 2010

Audio: College Go! Week

Indiana education officials have dedicated this week (Sept 20-24) to educating Hoosiers about the benefits of a college education.  College Go! Week is held every year at the beginning of the traditional academic season.  The goal is to educate middle school and high school students on how to adequately prepare for their goal of going to college by using a website with resources and training videos.  Nicole Crouse with the Indiana Commission on Higher Education suggests that high school juniors spend the fall and winter visiting colleges that they are interested in.

 Crouse on Campus Visits

The state Department of Education says a state survey shows that nearly one hundred percent of Indiana students say they want to go to college.  In reality, for every one hundred Indiana ninth-graders, eighty-two graduate from high school.  But only twenty-six of those students complete a four-year college degree.

College Go! Week website

For those currently applying for college, 34 Indiana colleges are waiving application fees this week (PDF).


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