Dan Coats answers questions from BSU students

Audio: Coats at BSU

U.S. Senate hopeful Dan Coats told college students in Muncie today that the United States could cut spending and balance the nation’s budget if it employed a formula like the Hoosier state uses. Coats met with about 20 students in Ball State University’s Student Center. Coats congratulated the students on being politically engaged… and then took questions from the audience on federal spending and Social Security. Coats says he wants the nation to have a balanced budget formula written into the Constitution that would curb deficit spending. When asked how cutting spending would be any different than rhetoric voters have heard before, Coats focused on mandatory spending.

Dan Coats on Mandatory Spending

While Coats said he wouldn’t speak negatively about his opponent – Democrat U.S. Representative Brad Ellsworth – the former senator did say that voters should look at the two men’s voting records in Congress before making their choice on November 2nd.


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