Anderson Police Department finds counterfeit $50 bills

The front image of a $50 bill, courtesy of the U.S. Treasury.

A tip from an Anderson taxi company led Anderson Police Department to confiscate six counterfeit fifty dollar bills this morning.  A driver from A Town Taxi reported to police that an elderly woman paid with what he suspected was a fake fifty dollar bill.  Police Department spokesman Mitch Carroll says the woman had used another fake bill to pay for breakfast… and had four more unused counterfeit fifty dollar bills.  Carroll says the woman’s son gave her the money.  He says she will likely not be charged because she did not know the money was counterfeit.  Police say the woman’s son has a criminal record.  The Anderson Police Department also confiscated a fake twenty dollar bill last week.  Carroll is urging area businesses to check bills to make sure they’re real.

The U.S. Treasury shows how to spot a real $50 bill (PDF).

A redesigned $100 will go into circulation on February 10, 2011.  Preview the new design here.


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