Brown County will get state’s largest nature preserve

American Yellowwood (cladrastis kentuckea) at the United States National Arboretum in Washington, DC

Indiana’s Brown County will soon boast the state’s largest nature preserve.  With almost 3,400 acres, the Ten O’Clock Line Nature Preserve at Brown County State Park is more than twice the size of the state’s second largest preserve at Turkey Run State Park.  Department of National Resources officials say the preserve includes an intact block of forest that is home to species like the cerulean warbler, broad-winged hawk, red bat, and timber rattlesnake.  It also supports one of the rarest trees in the state – the American Yellowwood.  The land inside the Brown County State Park is already protected.  But a nature preserve designation means that no additional picnic shelters or parking can be built.  The preserve’s name – the Ten O’Clock Line – comes from Indiana’s statehood in 1816.  At one time, land in the preserve was Indiana’s northern-most border, called the ten o’clock line.  

Visit Brown County State Park online before you take a trip.


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