Indiana graded on disabilities act provisions

A new statewide survey rates Indiana with a grade of “C” for complying with requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.   Monday marks the 20th anniversary of the Act, intended to help Americans with physical and mental challenges.  Conducted by Indiana University, the survey rated Indiana poorly in employment opportunities for people with disabilities and educating people about the ADA act.  The state fared better in providing access to local government and community programs, and removing physical barriers in buildings.

Greg Fehribach represented Indiana in Washington, DC, when the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed.  From the perspective of having to use a wheelchair, he says he sees much improvement.

Greg Fehribach on ADA’s 20th Anniversary

Fehribach also says he sees much discrimination against people with disabilities when it comes to employment.  The Indiana University study respondents say Indiana needs to focus on creating more employment opportunities for people with disabilities… and more accommodations for employees.

Indiana Public Broadcasting contributed to this story.  For more stories by IPBS, please visit their news blog.


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